Detailed analytics and reporting for your Mailgun transactional emails

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"How many users got the update Mail? How well are mails performing?"
Suet connects to your Mailgun account to provide more detailed analytics and reporting for Mails sent through Mailgun




Engagement overview

Sent count, daily interactions, top items? Get a general overview of your mails' performance.

Get notifications on Slack

Connect Slack and get failure, bounce and complaint notifications.


Deliveries, opens and clicks

Track deliveries, opens, clicks and uniques across mails and recipients.

View links

Get summary of all clicks on all links. Know who clicked, when and on what mail.


View emails

See exactly what is sent to users. What does the delivered mail look like? What details were missing?

Live feed

Get events from your mails as they happen. You can further filter based on the different event types.


Bring your team

Invite other members of your team to your analytics dashboard

Recipients and activity

View recipient journey from delivery to open and clicks. Know who opened and clicked on what.


Pricing is based on the number of Mailgun events received per month irrespective of the number of domains in your account.

An event is something that happens to an email. This could be a delivery, open, bounce or click on a link. Note that non-unique events are also tracked. This means if a recipient opens the same email twice, 2 events are tracked and not one.

At the end of the month, you will be sent an invoice for the number of events consumed by your account.


One month free trial
Up to 5k events/month




One month free trial
Up to 50k events/month




One month free trial
Up to 500k events/month




Download and self-host
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How is this different from the analytics in Mailgun dashboard?

Suet gives more detailed analytics like uniques, click throughs, top interactions and on top of that presents it in an easy to follow way. It also connects to your Slack account to notify you of failures and bounces.

Can I try it out without paying?

Absolutely. Sign up for free and try it out for a month. Pay only if convinced.

Can I host it on my own server?

Yes. Suet is open source. You can download and get instructions on how to set it up here.

Does Suet handle bulk emails sent via Mailgun too?

If you are using Mailgun to send bulk emails/campaigns like newsletters, you need to let Suet know to group the analytics. To do this, either send the email through Mailgun's batch sending API (instead of SMTP) or tag the mail.

I only see delivered events. What of opens and clicks?

Make sure you turn on open and click tracking in your Mailgun dashboard and also set the URLs in webhooks.

I have other questions

Get in touch via @suet_co on Twitter or send an email to